S  p  e  c  i  f  i  c    F  i  e  l  d  s    o  f    

R  e  s  e   a  r  c  h


Our current research interest lies in the

following areas:                                          

I. Crossed-Beam Reaction Dynamics 

Following the completion of the studies on O(1D) + H2 and the  isotopic variants, we plan to extend these investigations to two other reactions involving a 1D-atom, C(1D) and S(1D), to gain further insights into the dynamical attributes associated with the more general type of the "insertion" reaction mechanism. In addition, two direct "abstraction" reactions, Cl + H2 and C2H + H2, will also be investigated to compare with our earlier studies on the CN + H2 reaction. We anticipate that the dynamical information provided by state-specific angular distributions is essential in clarifying several outstanding questions regarding this important class of reactions.  

II. Unimolecular Reaction Dynamics   

The photodissociative processes of isolated radicals and cluster-imbedded radicals in the UV and VUV regions will be studied. The focus here is the correlation measurements. Both the quantum-state pair correlation between the two cofragments and the fragment v-J vector correlation will be explored. In particular, the dependence of the fragment orbital alignment (orientation) on the recoil direction will be examined to unravel the detailed mechanisms of the nonadiabatic transitions which are the key step in many photochemical processes. The photochemistry of simple triatomic radicals, NO2 and SO2, will be examined first, followed by the studies of cluster-imbedded NO2 (or SO2). 


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cross-beam machine

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single-beam machine

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single beam machine