Welcome to Gas Phase Dynamics Laboratory


We're one of the research laboratories at the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei,Taiwan. Our laboratory concentrates on research in the field of gas phase reaction dynamics and intramolecular dynamics.

Two novel techniques have been developed to experimentally map out the three-dimensional velocity distribution of the reaction product directly  from a physical/ chemical process of interest.

(1) For the lighter product such as H- or D-atom, Doppler-selected time-of-flight was adapted. Its versatility and power has been fully demonstrated in the application to the investigations of photodissociative processes of C2H2 and CH4as well as the reactive scattering of CN, O(1D), S(1D), Cl(2P) and F(2P) radicals with H2/D2/HD.

(2) For detecting a heavier species, a time-sliced ion imaging technique in the 3D velocity-mapping mode was developed. The application of this technique to a crossed-beam reaction, F + CD4 CD3 + DF, revealed the product pair-correlation of CD3 and DF in a quantum state-resolved manner. This new kind of information may provide a powerful vehicle to unravel the "extra-atom" complexity of a polyatomic reaction in general.


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