If none of these positions match what you're looking for, you can write a brief statement about your skills and requirements and submit it to our personnel file using the form at the bottom of this page. The next time a position opens up, we'll look for potential matches in this file before we begin a wider search. 


Postdoctoral position is available in the research group of Dr. Kopin Liu at IAMS, Taiwan. The current experimental programs include (i) correlated photodynamics of polyatomic molecules and clusters and (ii) crossed-beam studies of radical reaction dynamics. Both projects are fairly challenging and involve state-of-art experimental techniques, such as transform-limited lasers, imaging detector, Doppler-selected TOF (a 3-D mapping) technique. The successful candidate should have a good background in molecular beam and/or laser spectroscopy, and can choose either project to start with. The position is for a minimum of one year, renewable for the coming years, with a starting monthly salary of about US$2,000. One-way airfare to Taiwan will be reimbursed. 

Applications with three letters of recommendation, a curriculum vitae and a list of publications should be sent to: 

  • Dr. Kopin Liu, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica, P.O. Box 23-166, Taipei 10764, Taiwan Fax no. (886-2) 2362-0200 email: kpliu@gate.sinica.edu.tw 
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General Inquiries 

To further explore any of the opportunities mentioned on this page, please send your resume to the following address: 

Dr. Kopin Liu 
P.O. Box 23-166 
Taipei, Taiwan ROC 106

All materials will be kept in strictest confidence. We are an equal opportunity employer. 

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Personnel File 

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Revised: September 27, 2000