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People currently working in this laboratory

   Dr. Kopin Liu (Distinguished Research Fellow)

   Dr. Feng-Yan Wang (Postdoctoral Fellow)

   Sam Jui-San Lin (Research Assistant)

    Kuo Tung Tsai (Research Assistant)

    Jia-Wei Lin (Research Assistant)

   Jia-Jun Lin (Research Assiatant)

   Rui-Ting Chu Chen   (Administrative Assistant)     


Past co-workers



     Dr. Mathi  Pawdiyathuray (Postdoctoral Fellow)

      Dr. Hiroshi Kawamata (Postdoctoral Fellow)

     Dr. Jens Riedel (Postdoctoral Fellow)

     Dr. Chang-Jin Hu (Associate Research Fellow, Wuhan Institute of Physics an Math,  Chinese Academy of   Sciences)

      Dr. Bailin Zhang (Postdoctoral Fellow)

      Dr. Jinghui Zhang (Postdoctoral Fellow)

      Dr. Sandeep Tauro (DTU Fotonik Institut for Fotonik Terahertz Technologies and  biophotnics)

      Dr. Shixin Pei (Nanjing Uni. of Information & technology , College of Math & Physics)

      Dr. Jim Jr-Min Lin (Associate Research Fellow, Sinica)

      Dr. Yung-Hao Wong (Postdoctoral Fellow)

      Dr. Chu-Yung Luo

      Dr. Jingang Zhou (Laser Operations LLC, USA)

      Dr. Ullas Gurudas (Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India)

      Dr. Dong-Feng (Los Gatos Research, Inc.)

      Dr. Shih-Huang Lee (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan)

      Dr. Patrice Hermine (Computer Engineer, France)

      Dr. U. B. Pavanaja (Bhabha Atomic Research Center, India)

      Dr. Asuka Fujii (Tohoku University, Japan)

      Dr. Sunny Ding (Industrial Park, Taiwan)

      Dr. Dock-Chil Che (Osaka University, Japan)

      Dr. Yu-Hui Chiu (Air Force Research Laboratory, USA)

     Dr. Luyuan Hao (University of Science and Technology of China)

      Dr.  Li-Huey Lai (Industrial Park, Taiwan)



  Research Assistants

     Joshua Chih-Chun Chang (Research Assistant)

    Pao-Tao Yu (Research Assistant)

   Chieh-Min Yang (Research Assistant)

    Jwo-Sy Alvin Chen (Ph. D Student, University of Colorado at Boulder)

     Shanon Yan (Ph. D student,  University of California, Berkley) 

      Yen-Tien Alex Wu (Ph. D Student, University of Virginia)

     Yu-ju Lu  (Ph. D Student, University of Colorado at Boulder)

     Wei-Cheng Shiu  (Research Assistant)

     Yen-Tsung Hsu (Industrial Park, Taiwan) 

      Min-Wei Wong

      Wai-Leong Teh (National Central University, Taiwan)



  Administrative Assistants

      Sing-Chu Wong  

      Sally Chueh

      Moi-Ling Lock (U. of Maryland, USA)

      Jose A. Nicdao  (Industrial Park, Taiwan)


    Jessica Lam (Visiting Ph. D Student, University of Oxford)

     Gautam Sarma (Visiting Ph. D Student, IMM Radboud University Nijmegen )

     Dauw-Chung Ching (Undergrad. Student)

     Jieh-Wen Tsung (Undergrad. Student)

     Chi-Hsun Hsieh (Industrial Park, Taiwan)

     Yi-Hsuen Lee (High School Teacher, Taiwan)

     Shih-Chieh Pu  (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

     You-Chuen Liao

     Huey-Chuen Chou

     Jeng-Han Wang (Emory University, USA)

     Chu-Shuan Chang (Ph.D. Student)

     Hua-Yung Liao (M.S. student)

     Yi-Li Chen (M.S. student)



 Visiting Ph. D Students

      Jiayue Yang (Reserch Assistant) 

     Weiqing Zhang (Research Assistant) 

      Huilin Pan (Research Assistant) 

      Quan Shuai (Research Assistant) 

      Yuzhu Liu (Research Assistant) 

      Xianfang Yue (Research Assiatant)